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Circular, Flown, Cubed and Flat LED Solutions

We have created a wide variety of setup styles and shapes for our clients over the years. From circular or cubed flown LED with scrolling text, videos and images, to sweeping video walls, all made from high quality LED panels and maintained by our highly trained technicians.

Plug-and-Play Style

The panels are designed to work in a plug-and-play style, with intelligent connections linking each screen up and allowing for the creation of various shapes and setups. With a patented connection piece, and hang pin rotations of 120 degrees, they are flexible and adaptable into a myriad of shapes and configurations.

They have the added bonus of taking a quarter of the time of traditional setups to install, meaning having a unique setup need not be an extra time investment on build day.

  • Solutions to meet your needs
  • Cubed, Flown, Circular and Flat LED all available
  • Plug-and Play Style
  • Fast to install

As you can tell, the options are certainly expansive. LED panels can be hung on walls, can be the walls themselves, can hang high from the ceiling, or be the very ground you walk on. This gives a wide variety of options for any event and venue, from large scale to small, industry to educational.

If you’re curious about what kind of setups we could make for you at IBC2019, contact us for a consultation. Our experts will be able to help you determine the best LED display for your needs, ensuring that you can not only show all the content you need to show, but do so in a way bespoke to you.



Custom Shapes

  • Don’t just have a flat wall on your stand
  • Design an LED shape to be engaging and eye catching
  • Let us help you come up with a solution
Flown LED

  • Cubes, Circles or rectangles can be achieved
  • Depth can be designed to suit the environment and exhibition space
  • A variety of content playback solutions are available for the large, bespoke shaped canvas
Convex and Concave

  • Create a bespoke LED room, of varying size and shape
  • Put your delegates inside a full 360 LED circle
  • A completely immersive experience and a vast canvas to spread your message
LED Flooring Solution

  • Flexible panel sizes make the layout much easier
  • High load supporting and strong structure
  • Adjustable base support
  • Full IP65 rating for outdoor use

For more information about the different LED options available, contact us today. Our experts will be able to determine the best LED display for your needs.

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Enquire now View our product brochure