4K Displays

4K displays really bring your message to life.

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The higher pixel density of the 4K screen results in a clearer image with more detail and texture – the 4K really can bring your message to life.

Exceptional clarity, sharper images and more engaging content.

The exceptional clarity and definition in your images make your content life like with a viewing experience showcasing cleanly drawn lines, more depth to your content, smoothly rendered colours and three dimensional objects. With around 4000 pixels wide, more pixels on the screen mean more information, more information means sharper images, sharper images means more engaging content and more engaging content means that people stay on your stand for longer. The audience can get closer to the screens without the images pixilating. Of course, you need 4K content to be able to utilise all of the qualities of a 4K screen. We have a range of high end PC’s and Laptops all capable of 4K playback.

  • 4K provides exceptional clarity and sharper images
  • Created more engaging content
  • Closer interaction without pixilating
  • Range of 4K ready laptops and PC’s


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